About This Blog

Hey! I’m Ilinca, a 24 year-old student from Montreal.

The Oscars have been the biggfullsizerender-3est night of the cinematic industry since 1929. While the award ceremony has had its fair share of criticism throughout the years, it still remains a driving force in the world of movies. There are so many categories, but the Best Picture category is considered the pinnacle. In the last few years, I’ve been an avid movie goer and have watched practically all of the Best Picture nominees. However, this year I’m taking it up a notch: I have decided to see how it all started. Naturally, it seems a bit too ambitious to actually watch every single movie (at least for now), but I can still get a taste and just go for the actual winners. This blog will document my journey.

I will watch the movies chronologically and write short posts about my scattered *amateur* opinion. Is this all a big waste of time? Perhaps. Will it be interesting? Definitely. Please feel free to join the dialogue.

Disclaimer: I am not a film expert, a professional critic or even a great writer. I just watch movies and give my personal opinion on them for my own enjoyment. I equally feel the need to specify that I have a very short attention span, which sometimes gets in the way of fully immersing myself in a viewing experience. Finally, this blog is not meant to promote, or for that matter, demote, any of the Best Picture winners.